Spike the Punch band's LIVE VIDEOS

Spike The Punch has shot many live videos over the years in Boston and around the North Shore. Some videos feature the older versions of the band and some feature the current lineup. Your best bet is to watch the videos on the flash player above, but if you are unable to use flash, you can click on the videos below to watch and listen to the youtube videos.


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spike the punch on youtube

Shut Up And Dance

Spike the Punch performing a cover of "Shut up and Dance by Walk the Moon

80's Medley

Performing "867-5309" "Jesse's Girl" "Your Love by the Outfield" and "Summer of 69"

Don't Stop Believing - Journey Cover

This video was shot at the Back Bay Events center in Boston, MA at the Kmart pep rally "One Spectacular Night"

Some Nights-Fun cover

This one is another Spike The Punch unplugged video. Not perfect but fun!

Baba O'Riley- by THE WHO

This video was from a show at Tequila's on route 1 in Danvers, MA. The club is no longer there... 

Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand cover

This live video was shot at and Irish pub called The Burren which is located in Davis Square in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Shot in November 2010.

Great audience!

Fun place to play!

Spike the Punch Covering "Living on a Prayer" and "Pour Some Sugar on me" Filemed at the Boston Covention Center on June 29, 2012.

Forget You- Cee Lo Green cover

This is a cover of "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green.

An Unplugged performance by Spike the Punch.

It's also a chord tutorial for aspiring musicians.

Piano/Guitar chords are on the screen.

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